Ice Cube Comments on Working With the Trump Admin on a “Platinum Plan” for Black Americans

Ice Cube Comments on Working With the Trump Admin on a “Platinum Plan” for Black Americans

Controversy erupted when Trump advisor Katrina Pierson gave a shoutout to famous rapper Ice Cube for working with the Trump administration on a Platinum Plan for black Americans.

Ice Cube, the famous gangster rapper who has been getting more political over the last few months, has been pushing something called “A Contract with Black America.” Conservatives would disagree with many of the things the Contract with Black America suggests, but there are points of agreement and you can at least say it’s a well thought out document as opposed to pie-in-the-sky nonsense like the Green New Deal. Ice Cube noted that he talked to both the Biden and Trump campaigns about the Contract with Black America. The Biden campaign put him off, but the Trump actually listened and made some changes to their Platinum Plan for black America based on what he suggested.

After being criticized for talking to the Trump administration, Ice Cube followed up with another couple of Tweets.

What Ice Cube noted in the video was essentially that he didn’t have a particularly high opinion of either party, but he thought his plan was good for black Americans and if the Trump administration was willing to sincerely listen, he was willing to talk to them about it. Surprisingly for a famous gangster rapper with a history of making anti-Semitic comments, it seemed like a rational, healthy approach to politics.

Katrina Pearson added,

To his credit and unlike other Republican Presidents, Donald Trump has at least made a genuine, concerted effort to reach out to black Americans during his first term in office. The Platinum Plan is part of that,

Will, what has happened with people like Kanye West and Ice Cube actually change minds in the black community about President Trump? We’ll find out after the election, but it speaks well of Trump that his door is open when black leaders want to have a good-faith conversation with him about how to make people’s lives better.

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