ICE Reports More than 600 Children “Recycled” at U.S.-Mexico Border

ICE Reports More than 600 Children “Recycled” at U.S.-Mexico Border

While Democrats continue their 24-hour breathless obsession with their sham presidential impeachment efforts, child trafficking tragically remains a serious issue at our nation’s border.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials told the Senate Homeland Security Committee that more than 600 children have been “recycled” at the U.S.-Mexico border–with some having been carried into the United States eight separate times by different illegal immigrants as a means to gain swift entry into local communities.

The Washington Times reports:

The recycled children are one of the more disturbing aspects of illegal border flow over the last 12 months, which set records for the number of children and families who snuck into the U.S.

The families were drawn by a lax policy, imposed by a federal court, that gives adults a quick release into communities as long as they brought a son or daughter with them.

Acting commissioner at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Mark Morgan said a Honduran man “bought a child” for $80 in an effort to enter the U.S.

“Why did he do it? Because the loopholes in our system told him — and the smugglers made sure he understood — ‘You grab a child, that’s your passport into the United States,’” said Morgan.

ICE acting deputy director Derek Benner also shared the story of an illegal Guatemalan man who used a young girl to cross the border. Authorities had discovered the girl had been “repeatedly” sexually abused and beaten.

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