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ICE Turns Up the Heat on NYC: This Is a Demand, Not a Request

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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ICE is attempting to ramp up enforcement in New York City as the city lets criminals go free left and right.

NYC has been refusing to honor ICE detainers (as any sanctuary city would), but in a manor that explodes the myth that sanctuary cities only protect illegals from being arrested for immigration related crimes. NYC has refused at least 7,526 detainers, 200 of which were for illegals accused of murders. Other alleged offenses include attempted robbery, criminal possession of a weapon, and gang assault, among other violent crimes. In response, ICE released a “fugitive list” with the names of all those NYC set free.

As NYC continues to set criminals free on their streets (and we haven’t even gotten started on their disastrous bail reform), ICE is turning up the heat.

As HotAir reported:

 One senior agency official said the agency has issued “immigration subpoenas” to find out the status of the criminal illegal aliens they are seeking. And he clarified matters by saying this was not “a request,” but a demand. The Mayor, however, seems to be standing firm in his defiance

“This is not a request — it’s a demand,” Henry Lucero, a senior U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement official, told The Associated Press. “This is a last resort for us. Dangerous criminals are being released every single day in New York.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration said Saturday the city would review the subpoenas.

Even under New York’s insane sanctuary policies, the police are still supposed to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement officials in cases of illegal aliens who are wanted for other serious crimes. That simply hasn’t been happening on de Blasio’s watch, with the failures producing real damage.

Even among sanctuary cities, NYC is giving an egregious amount of leeway to illegal aliens. In fact, there’s apparently no crime they can commit that justifies ICE detaining them in Bill de Blasio’s world.

Will sanity prevail? Time will tell.


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