Freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) once blamed “our involvement in other people’s affairs” for terrorism.

In 2013, Omar appeared as a guest on the Twin Cities PBS show “Belahdan,” shortly after the al-Shabab terror attack at a mall in Kenya in which nearly 70 people were killed and 200 wounded.

The PBS host asked Omar, “When are we gonna decide or realize that terrorism is a reaction? It’s an ideology, it’s a means of things, it’s not an entity, it’s not a place, people. It’s a reaction to a situation.”

“Yes,” Omar agreed. “What you’re insinuating is what nobody wants to face. Nobody wants to face how the actions of the other people that are involved in the world have contributed to the rise of the radicalization and the rise of terrorist acts.”

She continued, “Usually most people want to not look internal and see what their actions that makes another react. For us, it’s always ‘I must have not done anything. Why is it happening to me?’ Nobody wants to take accountability of how these are byproducts of the actions of our involvement in other people’s affairs.”