Illegal Alien Charged with Murdering 12 Elderly Women

Illegal Alien Charged with Murdering 12 Elderly Women

An illegal immigrant from Kenya has been charged with murdering twelve elderly women in Texas, according to Fox News.

Billy Chemirmir, 46, a former health care worker, smothered his victims with pillows and then robbed them.

Chemirmir was indicted Tuesday on multiple counts of capital murder for the deaths of women aged 76-94 and was initially arrested in March of last year in the death of 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris from Dallas.

He is also being charged with being in the country illegally.

Dallas News reports that after Chemirmir’s arrest, Plano police chief Gregory Rushin said the perpetrator uses his “health care experience to his advantage, targeting and exploiting seniors.”

“This is terribly disturbing,” Rushin said at the time.

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