A burst of fundraising is the positive consequence Pelosi likely did not anticipate while leading the impeachment brigade. Trump and the Republican National Committee announced “they had raised $125 million in reelection funds during the third quarter, a presidential fundraising record.”

According to the National Review, “The figure passed the $105 million that the campaign raised in the second quarter and brought the total haul to over $308 million for 2019.” By comparison, in 2011, President Obama “managed just over $70 million for the third quarter in the buildup to his reelection campaign.”

Third-quarter fundraising numbers for some Democratic candidates are:
Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont with the lead of $25.3 million, followed by Pete Buttigieg with $19.1 million and Senator Kamala Harris of California with $11.6 million. Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren, “currently the two frontrunners for the nomination, have yet to reveal their figures.”

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