Impeachment Keeps Becoming Less Popular

Impeachment Keeps Becoming Less Popular

The House of Representatives is set to vote on the two articles of impeachment brought against President Donald Trump this week, and the consensus is that they’ll pass in the House before inevitably failing in a Senate where they need 67 votes.

Impeachment is destined to fail – but at least Democrats have rallied voters, right? Of course not.  The political theater Democrats created has been rightly identified by the American public as such, and rejected. Just last week alone Trump raised $10 million, more than every single Democrat 2020 candidate except four raised in the entire last quarter.

Real Clear Politics‘ average of seven polls showed that support for impeaching and removing Trump began falling sharply on December 10th to hit parity with those opposing impeachment by December 12th. The 10th is the day that Democrats unveiled the articles of impeachment.

A majority now oppose impeachment. Note that there’s a wide range of results among the polls included in their sample. Only three polls found net support for impeachment, two of which found net support of +4. However a Politico poll included in the sample has net support for impeachment at +9, an obvious outlier. I only mention that to emphasize that opposition to impeachment is probably even higher than estimated.

Impeachment remains a Democrat-only issue, and that’s not going to help their chances in 2020 by any stretch of the imagination.

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