In “Hannity” Interview, Trump Emphasizes “America First” Message

In “Hannity” Interview, Trump Emphasizes “America First” Message

In a Thursday night interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity, President Trump focused on his “America First” message when the host asked him what the nation will look like in four years if he wins reelection.

The president hit several issues including jobs, prolonged military engagements and the border wall.

Trump said, “[W]e’re gonna be building factories, we’re gonna be bringing in jobs like you’ve never seen—we were all set to do it until we got hit with the virus. Our troops will be home. The endless wars are already ending, down to very few soldiers … in Afghanistan, very few in Iraq, Syria is largely out except we kept the oil.

“We’re gonna have a wall that’s complete. We’re up to 257 miles on the new wall. And by the way, if we didn’t have that wall in right now you would have numbers in Texas and in California and New Mexico like you wouldn’t believe. But we built 257 miles of—it’s 450 but we’re gonna do about 537 miles altogether that’ll give a complete beautiful wall at our southern border that’s really helped.”

“We’re gonna make things here,” he said in talking about American-based manufacturing. Trump also talked about the newly created U.S. military branch, the Space Force.

There’s so much on the line in November, and we need to do whatever we can to reelect this president.

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