Introducing “Dumb and Dumber: How Cuomo and De Blasio Ruined New York”

Introducing “Dumb and Dumber: How Cuomo and De Blasio Ruined New York”

It’s no secret that people have been fleeing blue states for red states in droves, but few are aware that New York is now leading the pack. The number one destination New Yorkers are fleeing to is Florida – a state that’s the polar opposite in terms of the size and scope of government.

My interest in why people are leaving a state that was once synonymous with America itself for immigrants in our nation’s early days, combined with my frustration with the free pass the media gave Andrew Cuomo throughout his disastrous response to the coronavirus, ended up leading to me writing my latest book: “Dumb and Dumber: How Cuomo and De Blasio Ruined New York.”

The book is divided into three sections, roughly of equal length: New York’s coronavirus disaster, the economics of New York, and law and order in New York.

The first section extensively documents the botched response of Mayor Bill de Blasio and Cuomo to the coronavirus, downplaying the initial threat while Trump was busy banning travel from China and taking other precautionary measures. In fact, much of the media’s baseless criticisms of Trump’s handling of the virus could be factually applied to the duo. This section also gives a detailed overview of the nursing home scandal, Cuomo’s attempts to play defense and deflect blame, and why his defense is nonsense. And finally, the chapter compares and contrasts the media’s praise heaped on Cuomo with the reality of what was going on as they were giving that undeserved praise. It seems like it’s only now the media is waking  up to what actually happened in New York – but the rest of us have known for almost a year now.

The second section of the book covers New York’s taxes, regulatory climate, high cost of living, excessive (and inefficient) government spending, failing education system, and more. After reading it there will be no question that there isn’t a reason in hell that the state deserves the $50 billion bailout the Biden stimulus would give them. The damage lockdowns have caused in New York City in particular are also catalogued – and it leaves no doubt why half a million people have fled the city since the start of the pandemic.

Lastly, the book covers the decline in law and order and is mostly specific to de Blasio’s NYC. De Blasio has been working overtime to undo the Rudy Giuliani-era reforms credited with massive crime reductions, and given the doubling of their murder rate in 2020, the effects are starting to show.

As for which is “dumb” and which is “dumber” – you’ll have to read for yourself to decide!

Some excerpts of the book can be read below:

Andrew Cuomo Plays Defense on the Nursing Home Scandal

New Yorkers Flee for Florida

Bill de Blasio’s Incompetence Is Bringing NYC Back To Its Darkest Days


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