Introducing the Bongino Report

Introducing the Bongino Report

There are countless conservatives out there who, for decades, made a habit out of garnering the daily news from the Drudge Report. The appeal was obvious – good headlines, good stories, and always with a conservative kick to them.

In recent months, there’s a widespread perception that that’s all changed, and that’s translated to the Drudge Report hemorrhaging readers. The aggregation juggernaut bled 17 million monthly visitors from July to October, bringing their average monthly viewership down from 96 million to 77 million. In all likelihood, that’ll only continue trending downward. What kind of reaction could possibly be expected by going against their readers?

So bad have things gotten that President Donald Trump went as far as to ask Jared Kushner to figure out “what’s going on with Drudge.”

We don’t have a clue – and rather than try to figure that out ourselves, we’ve simply created out own aggregator: The Bongino Report. Readers can expect fifty of the best conservative stories of the day, seven days a week, from topics ranging from the impeachment hoax, the spygate scandal, the 2020 election, our culture war with the left, economics, immigration, and more. The daily topics will naturally change with the news cycle.

The site is also a tad more visually appealing with Drudge, if we may say so ourselves.

Forget Drudge – if you want real conservative news, visit us at every day.

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