Iran Confident Sanctions Will Be Lifted Under Biden Administration

Iran Confident Sanctions Will Be Lifted Under Biden Administration

After four years of former President Donald Trump’s tough stance on Iran, Tehran is confident softer relations are on the horizon with the Biden Administration in charge.

From U.S. News & World Report:

IRAN is studying a European Union proposal for an informal meeting between current members of Tehran’s 2015 nuclear deal and the United States, but has yet to respond to it, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said on Saturday.

Iran and the United States have been at odds over who should take the first step to revive the 2015 accord. Iran insists the United States must first lift former President Donald Trump’s sanctions while Washington says Tehran must first return to compliance with the deal.

The Iran nuclear deal was one of the key foreign policy achievements of  the Obama Administration, but Trump pulled out of the deal and reimposed sanctions due to a lack of Iranian compliance with the terms.

Biden, who was vice president when the deal was first negotiated, hinted after the election that he was willing to rejoin the deal with Iran.

Now with Biden able to make good on that idea, Iran is feeling confident a return to the deal could be around the corner:

Cabinet spokesman Ali Rabiei said earlier that Iran believed sanctions would soon be lifted despite continued “diplomatic wrangling” over reviving the nuclear deal, signalling Tehran’s desire to end the impasse while not offering a new position.

“We predict with confidence that diplomatic initiatives will result in a favourable outcome despite the diplomatic wrangling, which are a natural prelude to the return of the parties to their commitments, including the lifting of all sanctions in the near future,” Rabiei was quoted as saying by state media.

Iran is likely eager for a return to the deal after U.S. sanctions put in place under Trump inflicted $1 trillion in damage on the country’s economy.

In the meantime, the country has promised to boost its nuclear program is the U.S. does not return to the deal. So far, Iran has accused Biden of continuing Trump’s maximum pressure campaign.

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