Iran Plays Dangerous Game Threatening to Fuel Centrifuges Unless Sanctions Eased

Iran Plays Dangerous Game Threatening to Fuel Centrifuges Unless Sanctions Eased

Iran President Hassan Rouhani announced they will start injecting uranium gas into “over a thousand centrifuges at a fortified nuclear facility built inside a mountain” reported the Associated Press. Rouhani’s announcement indicates Iran’s Fordo nuclear facility will become an active atomic site…again.

In the 2015 nuclear accord, Iran was to turn the site into a research facility, undoing the active nuclear site. Rouhani’s statement is a powerful message to the world as the 1,044 centrifuges had been empty for testing purposes under the deal. In a live televised address, Rouhani made continued threats: “We are aware of their sensitiveness toward the Fordo facility and those centrifuges…At the same time, we cannot tolerate unilateral fulfillment of our commitments and no commitment from their side.”

Rouhani appears to be playing a dangerous game to ease imposed sanctions. Yesterday the White House sanctioned members “of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s inner circle as part of its maximum pressure campaign against Tehran” reports the Associated Press. Today with Rouhani’s announcement that centrifuges would be injected with gas, he did not clarify if the centrifuges would produce enriched uranium.

However, the Associated Press noted that Rouhani “stressed the steps taken so far, including going beyond the deal’s enrichment and stockpile limitations, could be reversed if Europe offers a way for it to avoid U.S. sanctions choking off its crude oil sales abroad.” Rouhani said “we should be able to sell our oil…We should be able to bring our money” into Iran.

What can be concluded is that President Trump is correct in his evaluation that sanctions and money is the most effective way to control Iran’s nuclear actions. Rouhani admits he wants to sell their oil and “bring our money” into the country. Trump has made it very clear they will be able to do just that, as long as they abide by nuclear treaties in place and do not pursue nuclear weapons.

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