Iran Requests Alleged U.S. Spy be Sentenced to Death

Iran Requests Alleged U.S. Spy be Sentenced to Death

Free Beacon has reported that Iran has issued a death sentence for an individual it accused of spying for the United States, according to the Islamic Republic’s judiciary. While Iranian courts have issued jail terms for those accused of spying for the United States or the United Kingdom now they seek death.

“Iranian prosecutors in the country’s notoriously corrupt legal system have requested that the accused U.S. spies be killed for their alleged crimes.” Other accused spies have received prison sentences of up to 10 years, often accompanied by a fine of $55,000 for “spying for the CIA benefit.”

However, the individual that was sentenced to death has appealed the decision to Iran’s court. A spokesman for Iran’s judiciary, Gholamhossein Esmayeeli, said:

Members of the [spy] team were identified last year with strenuous efforts of the Iranian security forces and its agents were identified in Iran’s sensitive centers, including the nuclear and defense centers and the country’s public infrastructures and most of them were arrested.

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