Irony Overload: CNN Hosts Say Right-Wing Media Has No Journalistic Ethics

Irony Overload: CNN Hosts Say Right-Wing Media Has No Journalistic Ethics

In a particularly hilarious segment, CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon vented about the right wing media’s supposed lack of journalistic ethics (after years of Russigate coverage on their network), and how all of social media is apparently right-wing in their world.

Lemon complained of those with large platforms on social media “They’re all righties. They’re – all of them are righties. And listen – and if you want to call it legacy media – even some of the conservative media they do the same thing. They have no – they have no real protocol. They have no real structure in what – they say what they want. They put headlines and things and write about things.”

The segment airs as a sexually charged assault lawsuit against Lemon is expected to land in court, and Cuomo is accused of taking a page out of his brother’s playbook.

Watch (and laugh) below:

The duo then went on to call for social media to be regulated because the information being shared on it isn’t what they want.

“You shouldn’t just be able to spread things about people that’s not true. It has a big influence on someone’s livelihood, their credibility, their career, even their lives,” Lemon said on the network that had to settle a massive libel lawsuit from Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann. He continued “I don’t think I should be able to go on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram and say whatever I want about Chris Cuomo whether it’s true or not.”

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