Jeb!’s Son Says He’ll Vote for Trump

Jeb!’s Son Says He’ll Vote for Trump

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, the son of President Trump’s former rival Jeb Bush and nephew of former President George W. Bush, plans to formally endorse Trump’s reelection.

The younger Bush told the Dallas Morning News that he voted for Trump in 2016 and will again, due to the economy and the president’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, as reported by the Daily Caller.

“President Trump is the only thing standing between America and socialism. Even in a global pandemic where we have had to take unprecedented measures to protect public health, the economy is already returning. It’s clear, America and Texas will continue to be stronger than ever,” Bush said.

Just last week a story published in the New York Times claimed that another member of the Bush family, George W. Bush, wouldn’t be voting for Donald Trump. However, a Bush spokesman quickly shot down the story, stating that Bush “is retired from presidential politics and has not indicated how he will vote.” Both George W. and Laura Bush didn’t vote for any candidate in 2016, so it’s interesting to see his spokesperson “vehemently” deny the NYT report. Could that mean W. is considering voting for Trump this time around? Time will tell.


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