“Jeopardy!’ Champion Ken Jennings Mocks Rand Paul’s Coronavirus Diagnosis

“Jeopardy!’ Champion Ken Jennings Mocks Rand Paul’s Coronavirus Diagnosis

Rand Paul was diagnosed with coronavirus over the weekend, and the nation’s liberals came out of the woodwork to wish death upon the Senator. And it wasn’t just anonymous ghouls either (though there were plenty of them gloating).

In a now-viral tweet, alleged journalist Molly Knight mocked Paul for opposing a coronavirus funding bill before being diagnosed with that same virus. The bill he opposed was a mere $8 billion out of what will likely tally $2 trillion+ in total spending by the time we’re done with this all…. or 0.04% of it. I’m confident that zero of the 100k+ who “liked” Molly’s tweet will criticize any Democrats for delaying more relief last night (which totaled a heck of a lot more than eight billion).

Meanwhile, Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings also joined in the mockery.

“I’m sure Rand Paul’s immune system will be able to pull itself up out of illness without any tyrannical outside intervention, he wrote. And I’m sure that Alex Trebek would be thrilled to learn that Jennings is mocking other people’s health problems.

I guess the joke is supposed to be that because conservatives think that people should be self-reliant economically, therefore we apparently don’t believe in medicine… or something. It goes without saying that comedy, or coherent analogies, are not Jennings’ strong suit.

As any good liberal would do, he then doubled down while pretending to not be doubling down. “Only his neighbors want [Rand Paul] to die,” not me, he “clarified.”

A neighbor who Jennings is a big fan of, by the way:

I’ll take “World’s Biggest A**holes” for $1000, Alex.

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