Jerome Corsi in Plea Negotiations with Robert Mueller

Jerome Corsi in Plea Negotiations with Robert Mueller

Jerome Corsi, former Infowars editor, author, and associate of political consultant Roger Stone told AP today that he is negotiating a potential plea deal with Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel team, but would not comment any further.

Mueller’s team questioned Corsi as part of their investigation into Stone’s Wikileaks connections. The Special Counsel is trying to determine whether or not Stone had prior knowledge of the Wikileaks release of Clinton campaign documents in 2016–an allegation Stone denies.

Last week, Corsi revealed that he was expecting to be indicted by Robert Mueller.

“I fully anticipate that in the next few days I will be indicted by Mueller for some form or other of giving false information to the special counsel or to one of the other grand jury — or however they want to do the indictment,” he said during a live stream.  But I’m going to be criminally charged.”

Corsi claims he received a subpoena from two FBI agents in August and has since handed over two computers and access to his email and Twitter accounts.

He says he was interrogated by investigators and “quizzed” about various specific topics for months.

“Criminals are running the Department of Justice. My crime was that I dared to support Donald Trump,” Corsi said. “And that supporting President Trump, and since 2004 having written 20 books — I guess those were my crimes. I guess I’m going to prison for the rest of my life because I dared to oppose the deep state.”

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