Jim Acosta Calls Trump Dishonest and Deceptive, Mocks Sarah Sanders

CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta slammed President Trump and his press secretary, Sarah Sanders on Monday during a panel discussion in New York.

During the day-long forum, moderated by Wolf Blitzer, Acosta said Trump was a “dishonest, deceptive” person who built his political career on lies.


When asked if it is more productive to hear from President Trump or White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, Acosta responded, “I wouldn’t put productive and a Sarah Sanders briefing in the same sentence.” The CNN correspondent went on to say that Sanders “performs for the president” during press briefings to maintain her job.

Many of us didn’t expect Trump to win and it sort of turned the beat upside down

“Many of us didn’t expect Trump to win and it sort of turned the beat upside down,” Acosta said. “We need security wherever we go, covering these rallies… you are under attack by the press office of the White House… you sort of have to rise above that and keep plowing through and do your job.”

Acosta blamed Trump supporters’ frustrations with the mainstream media on the constant “fact-checking” of the president. “It drives people crazy because we’re constantly pointing out these falsehoods,” he said. “It’s lie, after lie, after lie.”


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