Jim Jordan Slams “Crazy” Attempt to Continue Flynn Case

Jim Jordan Slams “Crazy” Attempt to Continue Flynn Case

It’s hard to believe that it has only been just over a month since the Department of Justice announced that they would be dropping their criminal case against Michael Flynn – and it’s even harder to believe that the Clinton-appointed judge presiding over the case is still trying to drag it on.

Yesterday an outsider appointed by Flynn’s judge to serve as an amicus curaae to present arguments against the DOJ’s motion to dismiss named John Gleeson blasted the DOJ’s motion as a “gross abuse” of power. Could there possibly be a more obvious case of the pot calling the kettle black?

As the Washington Examiner’s Spencer Neale reports:

Speaking on Fox News Thursday morning, Rep. Jim Jordan admonished the findings of retired New York federal judge John Gleeson, who on Wednesday argued that the DOJ was guilty of a “gross abuse of prosecutorial power.”

“This judge is talking about abuse of power now?” the Ohio Republican exclaimed. “The abuse of power was then. This is how the Left operates, and I think the American people see this for what it is.”

“What’s rich here is Judge Gleeson using the term ‘abuse of power.’ Are you kidding me?” said Jordan. “First of all, a few years ago, Judge Gleeson said a prosecutor can drop the case at any time for any reason. Now, he’s suddenly changed, which shows how political this is from his perspective and, I think, from Judge Sullivan’s perspective.”

Jordan said the hypocrisy from the two judges was “crazy” before walking through the timeline of the Flynn investigation. He noted that FBI agent Peter Strzok instructed the agency to keep Flynn’s case open after agents investigating his December 2016 phone call with former Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak found “no derogatory information.”

Watch below:

Back in March President Trump said he’s considering a full pardon for Flynn. No matter how this ends, it ends with Flynn a free man. But the deep state would like to delay that inevitable reality for as long as they can regardless.

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