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Jimmy Fallon Mocks CNN's Pitiful Ratings

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  • Source: Bongino
  • 05/16/2024
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Late-night host Jimmy Fallon mocked CNN for its pitiful ratings Wednesday while covering the upcoming debate between President Biden and former President Trump. 

This week, Biden challenged Trump to two debates. The first debate will be hosted by CNN, and, per Biden’s demand, will occur in a televised studio without a live audience. "Biden and Trump will meet on June 27 on CNN, and one of Biden's debate conditions was not having an audience, so that explains why it's on CNN," chided Fallon during his “Tonight Show” monologue. 

According to Fox News

“Fox News averaged 1.3 million total day viewers, finishing April as the only network on basic cable to surpass the one-million viewer mark. MSNBC finished second with 864,000 average viewers and ESPN finished third with 784,000.

CNN did not crack the top 3.”

Fallon also poked fun at Biden’s tendency to make embarrassing gaffes anytime he speaks in public. “Another condition from Biden is that he wants microphones that automatically cut off when a candidate hits their time limit,” joked Fallon. “Biden got the idea after his last press conference when his staff was like: ‘We need a microphone that automatically cuts off.’”

The late-night host didn’t exclusively make fun of Biden. Fallon also joked about numerous criminal charges facing Trump and Biden and Trump’s old age. The debate on June 27 will mark the earliest a presidential debate ever occurred in an election cycle, prompting Fallon to say, "If we're being honest, an early bird debate feels right for these guys.” 

The monologue was received as a breath of fresh air for many, with one commenter writing on X, “Comedians are actually still funny when they stop being completely partisan sellouts.” 

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