Joe Biden Mistakes His Own Delaware Blue Hens Jacket for Philadelphia Eagles Gear

Joe Biden Mistakes His Own Delaware Blue Hens Jacket for Philadelphia Eagles Gear

Joe Biden doesn’t even know what the Philadelphia Eagles symbol looks like, but the press assures us he’s ready to be President of the United States. Maybe we should be sure “Senile Joe” can identify the jacket he’s wearing before we give him the nuclear football.

“I was very happy to have the moniker of being known as Pennsylvania’s third senator. I know Philadelphia well. I married a Philly girl, by the way. And by the way, I’ve got my Eagles jacket on.”

Biden even LOOKED at the Delaware Hens Logo before telling everyone it was an Eagles jacket. At a later stop in Philadelphia, Biden introduced people to his grandson and noted to the crowd he was his “grandmom” before correcting himself.

At this point, I guess we should just be happy that Biden can identify his grandson. Of course, the downside of having a feeble old man with dementia in charge of the country is that he will be completely incapable of doing the job and will inevitably let his radical staffers, cabinet, and Vice-President run things. On the other hand, if Biden wins, it would make for some great comedy skits, right? Imagine having a guy in charge of the country wearing adult diapers and forgetting where he is in the middle of national security meetings. It would be comedy gold, right? Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be so funny living in a country with someone like that in charge.

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