Joe Manchin Claims He Won’t Support Court Packing and Ending the Filibuster

Joe Manchin Claims He Won’t Support Court Packing and Ending the Filibuster

Yesterday, on Fox News’s Special Report, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin promised not to vote to pack the courts or end the legislative filibuster.

“I commit to you tonight, and I commit to all of your viewers and everyone else that’s watching, I want to allay those fears, I want to rest those fears for you right now. Because when they talk about, whether it be packing the courts or ending the filibuster, I will not vote to do that. I will not vote to pack the courts. I think — and I will not vote to end the filibuster. … I will not be the 50th Democrat voting to end that filibuster or to basically stack the court, and in all the other things you’re hearing about…”

This is significant because the current breakdown in the Senate is 50-48 in favor of Republicans with two seats yet to be determined by runoff elections in Georgia. The GOP will be favored to win both of those seats, but if the Democrats were to pick up both of them and Joe Biden were to become President, it would have been possible for them to fundamentally change how the country worked. If they had gotten rid of the legislative filibuster and stacked the Supreme Court, they could have essentially done ANYTHING they wanted.

Can we 100% trust Joe Manchin to stick by his promise? Well, you can’t 100% trust ANY politician, but as he noted when he was talking to Bret Baier, he has taken tough votes before. For example, he voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh. Why would Manchin do this? Well, it’s worth keeping in mind that Manchin is from West Virginia, which has become an EXTREMELY red state. How red? Trump won by more than 35 points. That’s strong motivation for Manchin not to get too far to the Left. Of course, the only way to absolutely guarantee that the Democrats can’t push those policies is to win at least one, but preferably both of those Senate runoffs in Georgia.

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