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Joy Behar: ANTIFA is a “Fictitious Idea” — It’s “Not a Real Thing”

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Yesterday, on “The View,” Joy Behar rather bizarrely told her cohosts that ANTIFA was “fictitious” and “not a real thing.” This occurred during a discussion of comments made by Senator Ron Johnson, where he said that the January 6th capitol rioters love their country.

Rather than debate the questionable merits of the claim, Behar decided to turn the insanity up to eleven.

Behar obnoxiously responded:

You know, he’s right out there. He’s right out there with his racism. There is no dog whistle for him. It’s like I’m a racist. Have a nice day. You know what I mean? It’s funny. When I was watching this, it was so aggravating to listen to this idiot. I mean, he and I are very different. I’ll tell you this right now. If I was surrounded by people carrying weapons, people erecting nooses, screaming hang Mike Pence, bludgeoning a police officer to death, I might be a little scared. But Ron, no, he’s not scared of these people. He’s scare of this fictitious idea of Antifa, a thing that doesn’t even exist. He needs to go. He needs to go and soon.”

Afterward, Behar and Megan McCain went back and forth about ANTIFA exists or not.

Meghan McCain: “The idea that Antifa doesn’t exist is just factually inaccurate and wrong and a lie.”

Joy Behar: “I just want to clarify that Christopher Wray, who was the FBI director, says that Antifa is an ideology, not an organization. There is no sign that they were involved in the Capitol siege. Let’s be clear.”

Meghan McCain: “I’m not saying they were involved in the Capitol siege. I’m saying they exist.”

Joy Behar: “That’s all. I’m done.”

Meghan McCain: “You said it was a fantasy. You said Antifa doesn’t exist, and it’s a fantasy.”

Joy Behar: “It’s an idea. It’s an idea, not a real thing.”

Meghan McCain: “No, it’s not.”

Christopher Wray did indeed say of ANTIFA, “It’s not a group or an organization. It’s a movement or an ideology.” It was just as comically stupid to say that then as it is now. It’s a ridiculous sort of philosophical “what is a group” argument that is meant to shift blame from the Left. The reality is that there is a group of people, who define themselves as members of ANTIFA, who are recognized as a group and who do things together as a group. You know, like riot, harass people, attack the police and threaten violence. Saying they’re an “idea” that doesn’t exist because they don’t have a centralized structure and a defined leader is like saying the “Tea Party” was just an “idea” that didn’t exist.

Like Joy Behar and for that matter, “the View,” the whole thing is stupid and should produce eye-rolls from people with an IQ higher than their shoe size.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know and you can follow him on Parler here.

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