Joy Behar Attempts to Lecture Tim Scott on “Systemic Racism” – Fails Horribly

Joy Behar Attempts to Lecture Tim Scott on “Systemic Racism” – Fails Horribly
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Joy Behar, one of the co-hosts of The View, was unhappy with Tim Scott’s response to Joe Biden’s first congressional address. She was particularly upset by Tim Scott noting that America is not a racist country during his rebuttal to Biden’s first speech to a joint session of Congress: “Hear me clearly: America is not a racist country. It’s backwards to fight discrimination with different types of discrimination, and it’s wrong to use our painful past to honestly shut down debates in the present.”

Rather than simply acknowledge that Tim Scott had a different perspective on the issue,  Behar concluded that Scott, who ran Tim Scott Allstate before he got into politics, simply didn’t understand what systemic racism was and needed Joy Behar to #whiteliberalsplain what racism was in a way that the black Republican Senator could understand. Behar said,

“Now, Tim Scott, he does not seem to understand — and a lot of them don’t seem to understand the difference between a racist country and a systemic — systemic racism. They don’t seem to get the difference. Maybe it’s not a racist country. Maybe Americans, the majority, are not racist. But we live in a country with systemic racism. The fact that Tim Scott cannot acknowledge this is appalling. How can you go out there and say that when you just said two minutes ago that you were the object and the victim of discrimination? And then, he says this is not a racist country. At least acknowledge that there is systemic racism. That’s what I wanted to hear from him, and he didn’t say it.”

First of all, Behar, who has worn blackface in the past (a cardinal sin by her own standards) and has a reputation for not being particularly bright, isn’t qualified to explain much of anything to anyone, other than perhaps how someone with her awful personality and very limited talents managed to get a high paying television gig.

Setting aside Joy Behar’s condescending explanation of racism to Tim Scott, her comments are very typical of the liberal style of argument. Every word means whatever she wants it to mean, whenever she wants it to mean that, and something else when she doesn’t. Behar accuses Scott of not knowing what systemic racism means because he said America isn’t racist. She goes on to say “maybe” it’s not a racist country (so is she sort of agreeing with him?) and goes on to gripe that he didn’t mention systemic racism. Which lane are we in here, brainiac?

In any case, Tim Scott was right and Joy Behar is wrong. This isn’t a racist country and if it needs to be noted, it’s not a systemically racist country either. The fact that so many liberals are upset about Tim Scott pointing that out shows how desperately it needed to be said and that Scott made the right move by making that a significant part of his speech.

And ironically, just hours later, Kamala Harris ended up echoing Scott’s comments (which, to be fair, is a flip flop on her part).

I doubt we’ll see the liberal media rush to condemn her for saying the same thing.

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