Judge Who Blocked Trump Wall Donated Over 20k to Obama

Judge Who Blocked Trump Wall Donated Over 20k to Obama

U.S. District Court judge Haywood Gilliam, who–on Friday–partially blocked the construction of President Trump’s border wall once donated over $20,000 to former President Obama.

The Daily Caller reports:

Federal election records show the Obama-appointed judge gave $6,900 to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, made up of two $2,300 contributions to Obama for America and one $2,300 contribution to the Obama Victory Fund. Four years later, Gilliam donated $5,000 to Obama for America and $8,500 to the Obama Victory fund, for a total of $13,500. He also added a $4,500 donation to the Democratic National Committee in addition to $3,100 to the Covington and Burling LLP PAC from 2012 to 2014.

Gilliam issued a preliminary injunction on Friday, banning the Pentagon from transferring $1 billion from its counter-drug funding budget to border security. According to Politico, Gilliam’s injunction also “appears to jeopardize another $1.5 billion of the $8.1 billion the administration planned to use for border construction.”

President Trump slammed Gilliam’s decision on Saturday, calling it a “ruling against border security.”

“Another activist Obama appointed judge has just ruled against us on a section of the Southern Wall that is already under construction. This is a ruling against Border Security and in favor of crime, drugs and human trafficking. We are asking for an expedited appeal!,” he tweeted.

For the full report, visit the Daily Caller.

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