Judicial Watch Obtains Emails Proving Obama State Department Was Skeptical of Christopher Steele

Judicial Watch Obtains Emails Proving Obama State Department Was Skeptical of Christopher Steele

Even Spygate’s plotters couldn’t pretend that dossier author Christopher Steele was credible, newly obtained emails from Judicial Watch reveal.

Judicial Watch received 48 pages of heavily redacted records from the State Department that contain email communications that reveal skepticism about Steele’s credibility and the reliability of the reports he was producing. A summary of the emails is as follows:

  • In a December 29, 2014, email to Ambassador Pyatt, under the subject line “O [Orbis] Report: Coal Scandal and Ukrainian Politics,” then-Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland says, “This is one of those industry intel reports [from Steele]. Rings a bit extreme to me. You guys?”
  • Winer sends an almost completely redacted email on February 12, 2015 to his assistant Miller instructing her to forward “high side to three usual persons” (Nuland, Jones and himself) an “O” [Orbis] report “concerning company said to be secretly owned by Putin, Putin’s Mistress and Friends.”
  • In a declassified but heavily redacted, March 23, 2015, email from Nuland to Jones, Winer and his special assistant Nina Miller, under the subject line: “RE: O Report, March 13 – Growing Political Instability In Kiev and Yulia’s Return to Power?” Nuland remarks, “Some of this rings true, some not. [Redacted]”
  • In an otherwise redacted November 9, 2015, email to Nuland, under the subject line “Three Recent O [Orbis] Reports on Ukraine Security and Politics,” United States Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt says, “So I would put this in the same category as their other flaky reports.”
  • In a February 2018 op-ed in The Washington Post Winer admitted to working with Steele on the dossier. Winer told the Senate Intelligence Committee that he “destroyed all the correspondence” he had with Steele, apparently at Steele’s request.

We’d undoubtedly have more to glean from these emails if they weren’t heavily redacted, but we at least know that there was skepticism of Steele’s reporting.

Daily Caller President Neil Patel commented upon the release of the emails that “The sad truth is due to the over-redactions by a government intent on hiding the truth from its own people, it’s not really easy to make out what’s fully going on from this newest batch of documents. It is becoming clearer that there were unprecedented levels of collusion between Obama administration officials and outside partisans in an effort to harm Trump, even though some government officials recognized that Christopher Steele’s intel was questionable at best.”

That our intelligence agencies relied on Steele proves that he didn’t fool them, they knew his work was B.S., and used it for political purposes anyways.

It should’ve been a hint to journalists everywhere that the unverified dossier was bogus when the “failing pile of garbage”” Buzzfeed was the first to publish it, but it helped fuel Russia hysteria that still exists among among hysterical factions on the left despite being debunked countless times.

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