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Kamala Harris to Discuss Giving Mexicans Pathway to U.S. Citizenship in Exchange for Planting Trees in Mexico

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On May 7th, Kamala Harris will be meeting with Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

According to the New York Post, Obrador wants the United States to become deeply involved with his “Planting Life” program. The idea behind it is that the United States would pay for Mexican workers to plant a billion fruit and timber trees in Mexico. As an extra added bonus, those workers would get a six-month work VISA in the United States that would lead to citizenship. Obrador also suggested extending the program into central America.

The cost of the program is estimated to be somewhere around $3 billion dollars, and in all fairness, although Kamala Harris will apparently be discussing this issue with Obrador, no one in the Biden Administration has endorsed it….yet. It’s also worth noting that there have already been some counter-productive parts of the program. So far, an area roughly the size of New York City has reportedly been burned down by people hoping to collect money for planting trees on that same ground.

What it all amounts to is that the President of Mexico is offering Kamala Harris the worst deal of all time. Under this deal, Mexico would get 3 billion dollars, jobs for many of their citizens, and large numbers of trees. In return, Americans would get to make large numbers of Mexican tree planters into American citizens.

If Mexico wants to spend billions on a make-work program for their citizenry, that is their foolish decision. However, we shouldn’t be encouraging or worse yet, paying for it. As for doubling down on that bad idea by offering American citizenship to people that participate in the program, that would be absolutely insane, which means there is a non-zero chance Kamala Harris and Joe Biden will go for it.

Fortunately, it seems likely they would need 60 votes in the Senate to do that, which would mean that proposal would be dead on arrival. This would be the worst deal of all-time, so let’s hope that even Harris and Biden are sharp enough not to fall for it.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know

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