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KJP Rolls Her Eyes While Reporter Calls Out Her Hypocrisy to Her Face

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  • Source: Bongino
  • 11/21/2023
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Karine Jean-Pierre was called out by Newsmax’s James Rosen on her inconsistencies when it comes to the polls.

Polling consistently shows Joe Biden’s favorability among the worst in history, to the point where even Jean-Pierre is focussing less on desperately spinning the data to outright declaring that the administration “isn’t going to govern by polls.” Yet, Jean-Pierre herself cites polls at the time when they are favorable. 

Rosen asked; “Whenever you’re asked about the president’s dismal job approval ratings you say, ‘we’re not gonna look at polls, we look at his accomplishments.’ Yet when you’re asked about various domestic policy initiatives, you will say ‘they poll very well.’ ‘People support what the president wants to do.’ ‘If you look at the individual subjects in the polling, they support what the president’s agenda is.’ So once and for all, are only certain polls valid in your eyes, the ones that support your agenda or is the polling data that shows that President Biden has been stuck for two years at the low 40s in his approval ratings, are those valid?”

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To be fair, there is nothing wrong with trusting certain polls over others - if there’s good reason to believe a poll question is designed for a certain outcome.

For example, it’s simply the case that any policy people think they’ll personally benefit from will poll overwhelmingly well. Thus, any random government handout generally polls well as a stand alone policy. However, adding a single condition to the question, such as quantifying how much taxes need to be raised to pay for it, will drastically change the results in the opposite direction. In this case, a pollster could prove a policy is either popular or unpopular depending on which version of the question they ask. 

However, it’s for this exact reason that Biden is able to look good on some individual issues (such as his student debt bailout, or fantastical promises about his climate agenda) while polling terribly in reality, when Biden is being judged on the sum total of his actions. 

Matt Palumbo is the author of Fact-Checking the Fact-Checkers: How the Left Hijacked and Weaponized the Fact-Checking Industry and The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros

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