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Keep Mr. Smith in Washington!

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Authored by Jeffrey Wernick

Years ago, during the Great Depression, Hollywood made inspirational movies. Many of these movies profiled the wonderful spirit of America and Americans were made by Frank Capra. One, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,  is a story of a freshman Senator who battles systemic corruption in the Senate while challenging his idol, one of the most revered Senators. 

How was Mr. Smith capable of fighting the corruption? Through the filibuster.  

It is not supposed to be easy to pass bills. Our Republic was never designed as winner-take-all. That is a perversion of our system, antithetical to its original design. Consent should be as broad as possible, not narrow. 

The Democrats now, apparently want to send a message: “Mr. Smith, you are not welcome in Washington!” 

Maybe soon, Amazon will stop selling the video. Apple and Google will remove it from their respective stores. Streaming services will either pull it down or put a warning label on it. 

Then, the cancel culture mob can go after the gravesite of Jimmy Stewart and vandalize it. And, anyone who supports reinstatement of the filibuster will be deemed a domestic terrorist. 

Disclosure: Jeff Wernick is an investor in Parler, as is Dan Bongino. 

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