Kevin McCarthy Says That Pelosi Promotes CCP Propaganda By Calling it “Trump Virus”

Kevin McCarthy Says That Pelosi Promotes CCP Propaganda By Calling it “Trump Virus”

On Thursday, House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy said that by calling the coronavirus the “Trump virus,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi is promoting Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda, and said that Democrats need to hold the CCP accountable for the pandemic.

During a press conference, McCarthy said, “They lied to us. They lied about the virus and thousands of people have died and now the Democrats do not believe it’s the Chinese fault. Why does the speaker promote their propaganda by trying to blame the president of the United States for the Chinese Communist Party lies, even calling the virus in the name of our president?

“Why did Joe Biden just yesterday say it’s wrong to hold China accountable? When I look around the world from Italy, to the UK to Australia, no one else is saying that. They have felt the pain of the lost lives. They’ve seen the heartache and the economic damage that has been done, and they understand the lie that China has given.

“If we want our children and grandchildren to live in the same country we are blessed to live in, it is time Democratic leaders in this country wake up and stop cowering to the Chinese Communist Party. The stakes are too high for an apology tour and leadership by appeasement.

“My final question would be, what does the Chinese Communist Party have on the Democrats? Why can’t they hold them accountable?”

Then, McCarthy asked the House Democrats to support his legislation to sanction foreign hackers for trying to steal data related to the coronavirus vaccine. Chinese hackers were recently charged for allegedly targeting firms working on a vaccine.

McCarthy said, “[O]n a day that they are arrested for hacking in to the companies to steal a vaccine to save millions of lives not just for America, but around the world, the voice of the Democrats, where it’s not the Chinese fault, and let’s not hold them accountable, and they vote against an ability to sanction those who hacking in slowing the pursuit of a vaccine. That’s unacceptable and most of all, it’s un-American.”

From now to November, remember that the Democrats hate you more than they hate the Chinese Communists complicit in unleashing a deadly pandemic across the globe.

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