Key Lawmaker Demands National Guard Be Sent Home From “Fort Pelosi” After “Unacceptable” Treatment

Key Lawmaker Demands National Guard Be Sent Home From “Fort Pelosi” After “Unacceptable” Treatment

Rep. Jim Banks, who is chairman of the Republican Study Committee, tweeted out that the treatment of the National Guard at “Fort Pelosi” had been “unacceptable.”

The way our National Guard has been treated in DC is a disgrace. It began with the troops being forced to sleep on the floor. Then, they were banished to a parking garage for breaks. Next, we found out they’re being served raw food and food with metal shavings in it. Meanwhile, as Banks notes, no one seems to have a good explanation for why the troops are still there.

The closest thing to an explanation we’ve heard is that they’re afraid a wild-eyed army of Q supporters will ride over the hill, invade Congress and take over the country. Meanwhile, before the actual rally on the 6th of Jan, when there would be a large, angry crowd nearby, Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund had his request for National Guard troops turned down 6 times. In other words, when the National Guard actually could have been needed, they didn’t want them, but now that there is no reason for them to be there, they’re keeping them there for months. Typical government.

Much to his credit, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has called the National Guard from his state back home. Other governors across the country should listen to Jim Banks, take a cue from Greg Abbott, and do the same thing. “Fort Pelosi” already has a security staff and they are absolutely welcome to buff it up, but that’s not the job of our National Guard. It’s also worth noting that if the National Guard isn’t going to be called out when ordinary Americans face riots in liberal cities, then Congress doesn’t deserve the extra protection either.

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