LA Police Will Stop Responding To Traffic Collisions and Downsize Homicide Unit During Crimewave

LA Police Will Stop Responding To Traffic Collisions and Downsize Homicide Unit During Crimewave

Even though homicides have spiked 25% in LA this year, the Los Angeles Police Department will be downsizing its homicide unit and will no longer respond to traffic collisions. The LAPD will also be cutting their air support, robbery, and gang and narcotics units. This is the result of $150 million dollars in budget cuts made by the LA City Council in July, at the height of the “Defund the Police” movement on the Left.

This is particularly bad news because the force was already demoralized by the weak response of their chief to the George Floyd riots.

Nearly nine out of 10 Los Angeles Police Department officers did not feel supported by Chief Michel Moore and did not believe he or other commanders provided strong leadership during recent protests and unrest, according to a summer survey conducted by the officers’ union.

Many officers said Moore should resign, accusing him in comments they submitted with the survey of “cowering” to Black Lives Matter protesters, “pandering” to city politicians and “not having an organized plan” during the unrest, the union said.

It’s also worth noting that the same Chief that isn’t respected by his officers predicted that LA would go over 300 homicides this year for the first time since 2009. Per LA Times reporter Kevin Rector, that’s not the only crimewave in progress.

So, how is the Left’s utopian “defund the police” movement looking now? Not so great, right? Because it was always an incredibly stupid idea. If you think the police aren’t doing a good job, you don’t defund them, you put more money into them. More money means more officers and even more importantly, it means more training for the officers in the streets. The more training you have, the more it helps good officers get better at their jobs while weeding out the bad apples and people that just aren’t cut out for the job. Liberals may think “defunding the police” is punishing them, but it’s actually punishing the community. If you love crime and you love murder, then the Left’s defund the police movement is just your speed.

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