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Latest Liberal Outrage Topic: Husbands Who Love Their Wives

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It must be a day that ends in the letter “y,” because liberals are expressing their outrage over yet another non-issue.

This time, it’s husbands who dare to publicly express their love for their wives, and a recent op-ed in the New York Post exposes it all.

So, what is the PC outrage culture calling this oppressive phenomenon?

Apparently, men who praise their wives are now called “wife guys.”

These evil “wife guys,” according to Amanda Hess in the New York Times, define themselves “through a kind of overreaction to being married. His wife hurt herself, and he filmed it. He is sexually attracted to his wife, and he talks about it as if he were some kind of hero.”

She continues, “The wife guy is a mutation of the ‘Instagram husband,’ the man who exists to take flattering photos of his wife, except that the wife guy is no longer content behind the scenes. He is crafting a whole persona around being that guy. He married a woman, and now that is his personality.”

The New York Post points out that the term was “once relegated to men who ‘used’ their wives to gain stature for themselves, in particular on social media. But now it’s any guy who admits to being into his wife.”

Madeleine ­Aggeler, senior writer at The Cut, also cannot stand “wife guys,” especially those who say their wives are their “heroes.”

As the Post points out, when asked by the New York Times to name their personal hero, several Democratic presidential candidates answered “my wife:” John Delaney, Seth Moulton, Jay Inslee, Beto O’Rourke and Steve Bullock.

This, Aggeler takes issue with.

To Aggeler, the kind of candidate who calls his wife his hero does so “as a way of acknowledging the fact that he has forced her to shoulder the responsibilities of their family life alone while he pursues his political dreams, in ­exchange for which she will face intrusive and overwhelming public scrutiny. (My hero!)”

For the full op-ed, click HERE.

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