Introducing the Media’s Latest Trump Scandal: LEGOGate

Introducing the Media’s Latest Trump Scandal: LEGOGate

Never count out the Left’s penchant for thinking up conspiracy theories.

Fresh off of accusing the Trump administration of stealing mailboxes to suppress votes, the latest “scandal” is about President Trump’s three-year-old grandson’s Legos.

No, I’m not kidding.

When speaking at the RNC on Thursday, Ivanka Trump told a story about her son building a White House out of Legos and giving it to President Trump:

“When Jared and I moved with our three children to Washington, we didn’t exactly know what we were in for. But our kids loved it from the start. My son Joseph promptly built grandpa a Lego replica of the White House. The president still displays it on the mantel in the Oval Office and shows it to world leaders, just so they know he has the greatest grandchildren on earth.”

Of course, the Left had to debunk this, because no positive story about a Trump can stand.

Two reporters were then on the scene doing their ever-important journalistic duties:

Putting aside the fact that these people clearly have lost their minds and tried to debunk a cute story that should’ve just made everyone smile, the story was actually true:

Still, the latest TDS-infected media conspiracy theory had quite the encore:


This is not what a party confident it will win in November does.

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