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Leftist Chuck Todd Highlights “Fascinating” Letter Mocking Trump Voters as Believers in “Fairy Tales” like Noah’s Ark

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  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Liberal hack “journalist” and host of NBC’s Meet the Press, Chuck Todd just can’t hide his disdain for Trump supporters.

During yesterday’s broadcast, he highlighted a condescending letter to the editor in the Lexington Herald Leader which claimed Trump voters were believers in “fairy tales” such as the story of Noah’s ark.

Todd explained he just had to read the letter to his guests because it was a “fascinating attempt at trying to explain why some people support President Trump.”

“Why do people support President Donald Trump?” Todd reads.  “It’s because people have been trained from childhood to believe in fairy tales….This set their minds up to accept things that make them feel good…The more fairy tales and lies he tells, the better they feel….Show me a person who believes in Noah’s ark and I will show you a Trump voter.”

Todd then suggested that “voters want to be lied to sometimes…they don’t always love being told hard truths.”

This is hardly the first time Todd embarrassed himself in the past month.

Last week, the so-called journalist was slammed for saying in an interview that those on the right had “an incentive structure to utter the misinformation” regarding Russia.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Todd responded to a recent interview with Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) who was accused of using “Russian talking points to defend trump.” Todd was asked why Republicans were willing to go on television and spread disinformation.

“The fact is, and by the way, this isn’t going to be easy to show, but I actually think when we outline this it will, the right has an incentive structure to utter the misinformation,” Todd replied.

“Look, I’ll just be honest, when I had the third senator [to spread Russian disinformation], Sen. Ted Cruz, come on my show and do this — who I did not expect to do this — I started to think, he wants the confrontation. He wants to use this for some sort of appeasement of the right,” Todd said. “I didn’t know what else to think. I was stunned because he’s a Russia hawk.”

Todd claimed he was “genuinely shocked” by Cruz since he asked to appear on the program.

“So I do think one of the things that I want to explore on this is the incentive structure. One of the things we don’t fully appreciate in mainstream media on these attacks is that it’s become fun to attack the press, if that makes sense, on the right. It doesn’t matter if we’re right or wrong, attack them anyway,” Todd continued. “People that are the loudest chanters of fake news and accusatory of us are the ones who, under a lie detector, would probably take our word over any word they’ve heard from the other side on whether something was poisonous or not.”

Todd was ripped by conservatives for his ignorant comments, with talk radio host Mark Levin calling him “delusional” and a “propagandist.”

Dan also slammed Todd for his comments, calling him a “prominent Russian collusion hoaxer.”


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