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Leftist Rep. Ilhan Omar Deletes “Libelous” Tweet About Covington Boys After Lawsuit Threat

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Leftist Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D- MN) deleted a defamatory tweet about the students from Covington Catholic High School after their attorney threatened to sue her for libel.

On Tuesday, Omar tweeted that the Covington students made insensitive comments about rape and were “taunting” the “Black Hebrew Israelites” who were actually harassing the students.

Omar–as PJ Media points out–was wrong about everything she tweeted except for the fact that student Nicholas Sandmann’s family did indeed hire a PR firm to help him combat the hostile media reporting about him and his fellow students.

Robert Barnes, who is now representing the Covington families pro bono quickly pounced on Omar’s tweet, responding, “This is libel. Retract, or get sued.”

Soon after Barnes’ tweet, Omar deleted her comments without an apology or explanation.

PJ Media writes:

The Covington kids had just participated in the March for Life, not a “protest of a woman’s right to choose.” While a short video taken of a group of teens shows a confrontation with protesters where a boy makes a joke about rape, the kid reportedly doesn’t even attend Covington Catholic High School.

The Covington boys were not taunting the black separatists, they were trying to drown out the black separatists’ racist taunts with school cheers. They didn’t surround Phillips — he walked into their midst, loudly beating a drum and chanting. And they did not respond with any “racist chants.”

Phillips went on to misrepresent everything that happened to the media, which dutifully ran with his false claims without bothering to verify them.

Photos by Getty Images

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