Leftists Condemn Columbus Police Officer for Shooting Girl Trying to Stab Another Girl

Leftists Condemn Columbus Police Officer for Shooting Girl Trying to Stab Another Girl
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In the wake of the Derek Chauvin verdict, Ma’Khai Bryant was shot to death by a police officer in order to keep her from stabbing another young woman. Rather bizarrely, many liberals are treating the young woman who was killed trying to stab another young woman to death as a victim.

Meanwhile, the police officer who literally may have saved the victim’s life is being roundly condemned on the Left. Here are just some of a few examples of the ludicrous reaction to Ma’Khai Bryant being shot.

Lebron James tweeted (and then deleted) a threat to the officer: “you’re next.”

Surprisingly, CNN’s Don Lemon was the sole voice in the liberal media to acknowledge the shooting as justified.

As someone who regularly trains in Filipino stick and knife fighting every week, I can tell you that you can die VERY EASILY from being stabbed. As a matter of fact, the day before Ma’Khai Bryant was killed by an officer in the middle of an aggressive attempt to stab a cowering victim, 13-year-old Nyaira Givens died in a Cincinnati hospital. The seventh-grader had gotten into a verbal altercation with another 13 year old who pulled out a knife and stabbed her. Nyaira Givens died from that wound.

And yet, if the cops had been there to prevent it, this same chorus of liberals would be condemning them.

A knife is not as effective as a gun, but it is a very dangerous weapon that should be treated like a gun in some respects. You shouldn’t pull out a knife unless it’s a kill or be killed situation. If you take that knife and try to stick it into another human being’s body, you need to realize it’s entirely possible that they may die as a result. Someone coming at you with a knife, even it’s a female teen, is a deadly threat. People that don’t understand all of this are quite frankly, very naive. In fact, they probably know so little about the subject that they shouldn’t even comment on it. The reality is that the cop that killed Ma’Khai Bryant was 100% justified. She was aggressively attempting to stab someone that was trying to get away from her with it. The officer either had to shoot her or potentially watch her stab someone to death in front of him. He made the right call.

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