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Leftists Vote to Unionize Philly Coffeehouse Chain - All Locations Immediately Shut Down

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  • Source: Bongino
  • 06/12/2024
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Once again a union victory has been followed by an immediate humiliating defeat at the hands of basic economics.

In Philadelphia, workers at OCF Coffee House had voted last week to unionize and join Workers United Local 80, which serves industries including food service. 

It only took a week for that to backfire, as OCF Coffee House has just announced that they’ll be closing all three of their stores, leaving 30 out of work in the process.  The chain had been in Philadelphia for 13 years. 


According to a local PBS affiliate:

In a letter to employees and patrons, the owner of OCF Coffee House, Ori Feibush, said rising costs and reduced sales led to the decision to close all three of his locations.

He also pointed to administrative and legal costs associated with the staff’s desire to organize.

Feibush also claimed that all three locations were already unprofitable without looming excessive union demands. 

Feibush hosted a poorly attended non-mandatory staff meeting on Monday, and by 4 p.m., staffers received an email that all three coffee shops were shuttered, effective immediately.

Amazingly, one of the workers who didn’t attend the staff meeting complained that they didn’t even have the chance for dialogue - a problem that could’ve been easily solved by attending the meeting where they could’ve had dialogue. 

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