Lib Pundits Perplexed by Biden’s Incompetence

Lib Pundits Perplexed by Biden’s Incompetence
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Hilarity ensued on this week’s episode of Meet the Press as the panel attempted to explain away Joe Biden’s countless failures amid multiple crises while realizing that “the adults” aren’t back in charge like they previously claimed.

White House correspondent Jeff Mason commented that the mood at the White House seems “as if it’s only getting worse,” adding “I mean, they’re certainly embattled right now. But this White House has said from the beginning Joe Biden can chew gum and walk at the same time and all the people around him can do the same.”

Punchbowl News’ Anna Palmer commented “this is something where this White House has really not kind of got its feet underneath it. Now we’re weeks into this, right? They need to kind of figure out what their messaging is going to be, how are they going to deal with tough questions.”

Meanwhile, Vote Latino’s Maria Teresa Kumar coped by blaming fake news for what the American public is seeing with their own eyes. “As you said, Chuck, there is tons of disinformation right now … whether it’s getting information that just doesn’t allow them to understand what the government is actually doing for them,” she complained, as liberals maintain a near-monopoly in the mainstream media.

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