Liberal Heads Explode After President Trump Greets Supporters Outside Walter Reed

Liberal Heads Explode After President Trump Greets Supporters Outside Walter Reed

Hundreds of supporters of the president have been rallying outside of Walter Reed Hospital ever since Donald Trump was admitted to show their support for him. The Trump campaign provided food to the ralliers, and Trump tweeted out a thank you for their support.

He then paid them a surprise visit, being spotted waving to supporters from an SUV wearing a mask.

You’d think this would be a pretty easy story for the media to report on: “President Trump greets supporters outside hospital.” What is there to editorialize about?

In a media landscape where more journalists have been infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome than the coronavirus, apparently a lot. In fact, we were “informed” by the hysterics in the media that this brief drive was a life or death situation.

Within two days the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin went from blasting Trump for not taking a car to the hospital to blasting Trump for riding in a car.

And she was not the only person to lose their mind over this completely innocuous event.

All this hysteria is just that, of course, in part because the Secret Service agents volunteered to be present with the President, and also because all the necessary precautions were taken for the ride, and it was cleared by doctors. And in light of all the various dangerous situations that Secret Service members find themselves in (such as accompanying presidents in war zones), I can’t imagine coronavirus is high on the list of threats to them. I also can’t imagine liberals feigning concern when Secret Service agents do find themselves in those drastically more dangerous situations either.

The liberal argument here is also contingent on them doing a 180 on the effectiveness of masks, which everyone in the vehicle was wearing. Do they suddenly not work now?

For the past four years the media’s reporting on Trump has been a “heads I win, tails you lose” game.  If Trump walks right, the media complains that he didn’t walk left. And when he walks left, he should’ve walked right. We can all imagine how the media would’ve reacted had Obama did the exact same thing that Trump did:

It sure is bizarre to see the media apoplectic about a brief car ride, but not when tens of millions of people protested in the streets following the death of George Floyd. I guess they think that the coronavirus has a social conscience?

And speaking of hypocrisy, is there a single journalist expressing faux concern for Trump’s Secret Service that was concerned about those driving Hillary Clinton around when she had pneumonia back in 2016? Were they concerned that she first attempted to keep her illness a secret? Of course not.



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