Liberal Host’s Attempt to Condescend Black Trump Supporter Backfires

Liberal Host’s Attempt to Condescend Black Trump Supporter Backfires

In a segment for Trevor Noah’s Daily Show, Comedy Central’s Roy Wood Jr. got an answer he wasn’t expecting during a segment where he invited six black voters on his show, five of which voter for Obama in 2012 (the sixth being too young to vote).

“Which candidate do you think best understands the needs of the black voter?” Wood asked. Two of the panelists cited Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders respectively, while a third gave an answer no one was expecting; “Donald Trump.” Some laughed, and one panelist was visibly confused.

“Uh, explain” asked Wood.

The panelist, named Chris, explained: “Some of the stuff I’ve heard he’s already doing, like prison reform,” he replied. “He’s been hanging around black people as long as I can remember. They loved him until he ran for president as a Republican. Trump was the man.”

Later in the segment Wood asked the panel who thought Donald Trump would win re-election, of which four thought he would. The three who raised their hands who oppose Trump agreed that the Democrats could only beat Trump is they were to unite behind a single candidate. When Wood asked who that host was, all simultaneously shouted out conflicting answers. leading to him putting his face in his palm in disappointment.

And then a voice in the background lets out: “Trump 2020 baby.”

The segment concluded with Wood having a sarcastic prayer session, asking God not to let Chris’ truck start on election day, which Chris visibly laughed at.

Watch the relevant parts below (and the full segment *here*):


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