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Liberal Journalists Fail Miserably at Fact Checking CPAC Speakers

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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CPAC 2019 wrapped up on Saturday – and along with the conference came a chorus of smug, talentless know-nothings incapable of independent thought. I’m speaking of the liberal journalists in attendance, of course.

Throughout the many speeches at CPAC, various liberal bloggers attempted to fact check the speakers, mainly by quoting a (true) statement by them and then mocking it. The vast majority of these alleged rebuttals to various CPAC speakers consists of commentary amounting to nothing more than a snide “can you believe these people” comment.

While many of the readers of my column thank me for my research, you can skip doing so for this one, as an entire 35 seconds of Google searches were enough to write this (OK – maybe a little longer).

Sexual Assault at the Border

The party of “believe all women” is making exceptions once again. Former ESPN commenter Jemele Hill (who has since transitioned from having terrible opinions about sports to terrible opinions about politics) mocked Trump’s claim that many women are raped while attempting to illegally immigrate into America. “If you’re the type of person who believes this, you are dumb and awful,” she wrote.

I had my roommate time me – and it did take me less time to type “percent of women raped at border” into Google than it did to type out Hill’s comment. It’s a shame she didn’t do the same, because among the results would’ve been the following from the Huffington Post:

According to a stunning Fusion investigation, 80 percent of women and girls crossing into the U.S. by way of Mexico are raped during their journey. That’s up from a previous estimate of 60 percent, according to an Amnesty International report.

Similarly, the Washington Post published an article arguing that Amnesty International’s 60% figure isn’t correct because it’s actually “only 31.4%.” When Trump has cited statistics for sexual abuse at the border, he’s picked the lower “1 in 3” estimate. The Washington Compost has formally rated Trump’s “1 in 3” stat false because 1 in 3 is 33%, and their abuse estimate is 31.4%. You can’t make this up. The Post also claimed that many of those women are technically sexually assaulted and not raped – as if they’d care for the difference if it were their daughters.

Some people in the comments took issue not with rape at the border, but the fact that Trump incorrectly characterized how birth control is taken (once a day as opposed to “massive amounts”). I have two points to make in regard to that argument;

1) Trump could’ve meant “massive” as in “many women are taking them.” And;

2) Who cares?

I look forward to the day that Trump comes out and says that the sky is blue just so I can see these same journalists claim that’s false because the sky is sometimes cloudy.

Sara Carter Ridiculed For Reporting Widely Reported Fact

Journalist Sara Carter found herself under fire for being a journalist. Vox’s Aaron Rupar (who isn’t a real journalist, he just plays one on Twitter) posted an excerpt of her speech claiming that the opioid crisis has worsened to the point where she’s seen morgues that were “so overflowing with bodies that they had to rent freezer trailers to put the children in the freezer trailers outside of the mortuary.”

Where oh where could Mrs. Carter have gotten such a crazy idea from? Here are a few theories….

I guess if CNN is reporting it, maybe it is a case of fake news after all (just kidding).

Clueless Cortez: Memory Loss Edition

And as a bonus, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (who was obviously not in attendance) decided to chime in when Ted Cruz criticized her Green New Deal. She accused Cruz of spreading “ridiculous nonsense” for essentially quoting a document she and her team put to gether.

She may have taken down the hilarious “Green New Deal FAQ” document after three days following widespread ridicule, but surely she must be aware that the internet is forever. She may not have explicitly called for killing all cows, but she did indicate that doing so would be desirable.

Expect More of the Same in the Future

Psychologist Jonathan Haidt documents in his book “The Righteous Mind” that once people realize they’re being confronted with information that contradicts their political ideology, their brain essentially shuts off to tune out contradictory information.

Something tells me these journalists’ brains have turned off for good.

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