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Liberals Call for Censoring Trump Press Conferences Because They’re Boosting His Popularity

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For the entirety of the Trump presidency until now, the media bemoaned his lack of press conferences.

And ironically, this is a case where Trump should’ve listened to the media’s complaints – because now that he is regularly holding press conferences related to progress on fighting the coronavirus, his approval is seeing a major boost. Hilariously, the exact same people calling for more press conferences are now calling for censoring them.

According to the Federalist’s Mollie Hemmingway: When polls showed that President Donald Trump was receiving unusually high marks for his handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, the first stage of grief the media went through was denial:

The political media have been working extremely hard to craft a narrative that the spread of the coronavirus was essentially the fault of the man they had blamed for all other ills in recent years. How could the people not accept that narrative, particularly considering that most everyone in the media was pushing it? Things got worse when additional polls showed Trump receiving high ratings at the same time that the media received poor ratings. A brand new Gallup study — “Coronavirus Response: Hospitals Rated Best, News Media Worst” — was particularly bad news. When Americans were asked about nine different institutions and political leaders, they gave majority approval to all but the media. President Trump has a 22-point net approval rating while the media’s net approval rating was negative 11 points. 
In response, the media were angry and depressed and began blaming his press conferences. Their theory seemed to be that the more Americans saw Trump, unfiltered, they liked him and the more Americans saw the behavior of the media, they didn’t like it. This flies in the face of what many in the media assumed for years. They pushed for daily White House press conferences so that they could have the opportunity to be on camera and pressure the Trump administration. Now that they had daily press briefings with the president, no less, they weren’t happy. It was a weird response for a group of people whose ostensible job is to simply report the news of the day.
Needless to say, the jornos and pundits aren’t pleased that they aren’t able to control the American public’s thinking as they please.

Earlier this week, the Gallup poll found Trump’s approval has surged to the highest point in his presidency. ABC News’ poll also found Trump’s approval climbing to the highest point of his presidency, and Five Thirty Eight (whose polling numbers of Trump are consistently the most negative) found Trump’s disapproval falling below 50% for the first time in his presidency. Regardless of what poll you look at, and despite any flaws in their methodology their individually have, they’re all pointing in the same direction: up.

In fact, Trump’s approval in the Real Clear Politics average of polls is now ten percentage points higher than when Trump took office.

And that’s in the face of media coverage that’s effectively 100% negative. Keep the pressers coming!

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