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Liberals Embarrassingly Upset About Neil Gorsuch Saying “Merry Christmas”

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Forgive Neil Gorsuch for he has sinned – he said “Merry Christmas!”

That’s not a problem for any sane individuals, obviously, but the left-wing twittersphere went apoplectic following his recent appearance on Fox News. “Good morning to you” Ainsley Earhardt said introducing Gorsush. “Merry Christmas” Gorsuch replied. “I love that you say that,” she replied.

And that was all it took.

“Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch just appeared on Fox and Friends this morning, making a point to parrot the ‘Merry Christmas’ talking point of the GOP. If he’s willing to go on Fox and throw a shout out to Republican narratives, what else is he willing to do?” hysterically asked writer Amee Vnderpool, who is apparently working under the assumption that saying Merry Christmas is a Republican thing.

Former Media Matters Chief Stooge Oliver Willis accused Gorsuch of playing into a narrative about a “war on Christmas,” simply for saying “Merry Christmas,” and nothing else. What kind of person spends so much time reading into such an innocent comment who doesn’t themselves have a problem with Christmas?

Bobby Lewis, another member of the Media Matters brain-trust, felt even more strongly.

Self-proclaimed comedian Sean Kent cited this as evidence that Gorsuch was a “worst case scenario” Justice after all.

Or to roughly translate what the tweets above are arguing: “Nobody cares if you say Merry Christmas,” says the exact same people offended by the phrase Merry Christmas.

Not content with simply criticizing Gorsuch’s greeting, CNN’s Asha Rangappa went as far to question the notion of why a Supreme Court justice would appear for a TV show interview anyway.

It’s an interesting take, especially considering that CNN interviewed Gorsuch in September for an interview that lasted a half-hour. Was Asna not paying attention to her own network’s reporting (I can’t blame her), or did she not have a problem with it then?

In either case, it’s a nice reminder that when the left criticizes our side, they really are just making up the rules as they go.

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