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Liberals MELTDOWN Over Flynn Exoneration

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After years of being dragged through the swamp, justice prevailed today for Michael Flynn when the Department of Justice announced that they would be dropping their criminal case against him.

Not only can we celebrate vindication that Flynn was innocent all along, we can sit back, relax, and enjoy the chorus of hysterical liberals reacting to the good news.


Benjamin Wittes, Brookings Institute 

Peter Baker, New York Times

Ted Lieu, Some Guy Who Is Somehow An Elected Official 

Eric Swalwell, Nuclear Weapons Enthusiast

Bill Kristol, Pundit Who Once Predicted the Iraq War Would Last Two Months

Michael Bromwich, Former Director for the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management in the Obama Administration

Jill Wine-Banks, MSNBC

Evan McMullin, Failed Presidential Candidate Once Nicknamed “McMuffin”

Barb McQuade, NBC

Scott Dworkin, “Lead Investigator” (lol) for the “Democratic Coalition”

Jennifer Rubin, Self-Professed Conservative Known for Having No Conservative Principles Whatsoever 

Jerry Nadler, Former Impeachment Witch Hunt Leader

Adam Schiff, Impeachment Witch Hunt Co-Leader

Susan Hennessey, Lawfare

Bill Palmer, Clickbait Journalist Extraordinaire 

Ben Rhodes, Podcaster Who Claimed To Have Been Shell-Shocked by 2016 Election 

Max Burns, The Daily Beast

And that’s just a handful.

I think I speak for everyone when I say the following: HAHA.

Photos by Getty Images

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