Libs FREAK Over “Trump Concentration Camp” Photos – But There’s One HUGE Problem

Libs FREAK Over “Trump Concentration Camp” Photos – But There’s One HUGE Problem

The insane rhetoric among the Left that the Trump administration is “separating families,” “caging children,” and putting people in “concentration camps” has become about as commonplace as their inability to fact check anything.

After Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez began drew fire for comparing illegal immigrant detention facilities to concentration camps, actress Nancy Lee Grahn attempted to give some credibility to the claim with visuals in a now viral tweet.

One can only wonder if Grahn had seen the original images as opposed to the cropped ones that she shared – because the originals were timestamped. And the timestamp proved the images to be from 2015.

Do we need to remind Nancy and the tens of thousands who shared her tweet who was president in 2015?

We’re supposed to believe that Trump invented the policy of family separation, but it was the 1993 “Reno v. Flores” Federal Court ruling that decided children cannot be held with parents that are in custody to be prosecuted. And what exactly is the Left’s alternative? Are we not supposed to detain asylum seekers awaiting trial? And do liberals realize that these asylum seekers are free to leave their “concentration camps” at any time and go home?

Figures from the ORR prove that between 2012-2016, almost 200,000 migrant children were referred to the DHS (because they were either separated from their families, or they were unaccompanied minors). I don’t recall seeing many liberal tears in solidarity with those 200,000 children.

This is hardly even the first time the Trump administration was blamed for a policy that was also present during the Obama administration. Last year countless journalists and pundits shared a photo of “caged children” in protest of the “Trump regime.” And when was the photo actually from? 2014.

Any one of those “journalists” could’ve learned as much if they simply read the date on the article they had shared.

When will they learn?

Probably never.

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