Lifetime Democrat Caller to C-SPAN Says RNC Convinced Him to Vote Republican

Lifetime Democrat Caller to C-SPAN Says RNC Convinced Him to Vote Republican

On Monday night, a caller told C-SPAN that even though he was a lifelong Democrat, watching the Republican National Convention and the “heartfelt way” participants “came across to the American people” convinced him to vote Republican this time.

The caller continued that part of his decision to change his vote to the GOP came from the fact that the party “embraced the word ‘God,’” according to Fox News.

“The people on the Democratic side, at their convention — acted like they were pushing God right out of it. And that had a lot to do with changing my mind,” the caller, who identified himself only as Rick, from Lorain, Ohio, said.

Fox News continues by saying that “[T]he official meeting of RNC delegates Monday emphasized the words ‘under God’ in the Pledge of Allegiance after a committee and a caucus meeting omitted the words from the pledge during the Democratic National Convention.”

President Trump tweeted about this as well over the weekend:

It should be noted that Trump rallies have attracted many Democrats too. Polls also show the President with a massive lead in voter enthusiasm. Clearly, we cannot become complacent in the assumption that many Democrats will switch over. It is likely, however, that many Democrats truly do love their country and are starting to see the Left for what it embodies—nothing but America-hating totalitarianism.

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