Like Losers John Kerry and George McGovern, Biden Gets No Post-DNC Boost in Polls

Like Losers John Kerry and George McGovern, Biden Gets No Post-DNC Boost in Polls

Following in the footsteps of George McGovern and John Kerry, both of whom went on to lose the presidential election, Joe Biden received no boost in the polls during and after the 2020 Democrat National Convention.

According to the National Pulse’s Raheem Kassam:

The CBS/YouGov battleground tracker revealed on Sunday that Biden was 10 points ahead of Donald Trump. This is seemingly good news for Democrats, until you realize the number remains unchanged following the Harris VP announcement and the entire Democratic National Convention.

Getting no boost after a convention has happened only a few times in modern Democrat Party history. By John Kerry in 2004 and George McGovern in 1972.

Kerry ended up losing to George W. Bush and McGovern got thrashed by Nixon in an historic landslide beaten only in scale by Presidents FDR and Ronald Reagan.

In Republican terms, Mitt Romney saw no bump after his 2012 convention. He went on to lose to incumbent President Barack Obama.

Of note, the sample for YouGov’s poll showing Trump 10 points behind Biden is extremely biased – only 30% Republican to 42% Democrat.

President Trump, meanwhile, did see a boost in the polls during the DNC which has held in the days since.

In the Rasmussen Poll, President Trump’s approval stood at 47% on the third day of the DNC (August 19th) – but made an incredible four percentage point leap the following morning to 51%.

As of today, Trump’s approval has still held steady at that 51%.

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