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Lol: Hysterical MSNBC Host Fears Trump Will Abolish the Free Press

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  • Source: Bongino
  • 05/01/2024
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The liberal media continues fearmongering about all the frightening things that Donald Trump will do if he assumes office again, without asking the obvious question of why Trump didn't just do all those things the first time he was in office. 

This time, the former RINO MSNBC host Nicole Wallace warned that she might be out of a job if Trump wins, because Trump will supposedly abolish freedom of the press. 

The TDS patient was speaking about the annual White House Correspondentsā€™ Dinner, which she claimed had a ā€œdark undercurrentā€ this year due to the looming possibility of a Trump re-election.

"The annual White House Correspondentsā€™ Dinner is one of the symptoms, one of the signs of a healthy, functioning democracy. Itā€™s all coming together and, at its core, the president doing everything right celebrates and honors the free press. Behind the levity, though, there was something darker, a darker undercurrent, if you will, and a point that the president had to make. And it was more profoundly serious,ā€™ Wallace said. 

"Because at this exact time next year, depending on what happens in November, seven months from now, we canā€™t say for certain that there would even be a White House Correspondentsā€™ Dinner or even a free press or even a White House press corps. Right? You donā€™t have to have one. Could be another norm Trump blows up," she continued.

She then got emotional; "Iā€™ve seen that toast a bunch of times, but it landed very differently this year. Because depending what happens in November, seven months from right now, this time next year, I might not be sitting here. There might not be a White House Correspondentsā€™ Dinner or free press. And while our democracy wonā€™t exactly fall apart immediately without it, the real threat looms larger. A candidate with outward disdain not just for a free press, but for all of our freedoms and for the rule of law itself.ā€

Watch below - and try not to laugh: 


While I canā€™t say it would be the worst thing in the world, the abolition of the mainstream media isnā€™t going to come by decree from Trump - itā€™ll be when everyone finally wakes up to the insanity of Wallace  and everyone else like her in the media. 

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