Make No Mistake, Today’s Manafort-Assange Story was Strategically Leaked

Make No Mistake, Today’s Manafort-Assange Story was Strategically Leaked

In today’s must-hear podcast, Dan breaks down the “strategic leak” of the Manafort-Assange story.

Just in case you hadn’t heard, this morning, The Guardian reported that former Trump campaign official Paul Manafort “secretly” met with Wikileaks’ Julian Assange three separate times (in 2013, 2015, and 2016).

No, it wasn’t just a random news story that manifested organically and just happened to hit publication one day after reports that the Special Counsel accused Manafort of breaching his plea agreement and lying to their office and to the FBI.

Make no mistake, today’s story–as Dan breaks down in the podcast–was deliberately leaked, and designed to turn public opinion against Manafort and distract Americans from the real scandal: The Obama Administration’s gross weaponization of our nation’s intelligence agencies against a political opponent and the continued malfeasance demonstrated by the Clinton team.

**LISTEN: Dan breaks down the strategic leak of the Manafort-Assange story**

What Mueller hoped to gain out of the leak of the Manafort-Assange story was to further influence the court of public opinion by insinuating that Manafort organized a meeting with Assange so he could coordinate the infamous Wikileaks DNC email leak.

So, why is all this happening? Dan points out that the Special Counsel team is desperate to put the squeeze on Manafort and get him to tell an exaggerated version of the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting, which Manafort attended. This leak was designed to force Manafort back to the negotiating table and “revise” his account of the Trump Tower meeting.

Why might the Special Counsel want Manafort to tell an exaggerated version of the meeting? Because it is the only iota of evidence connecting the Trump team to Russia.

The bottom line is, the Russia collusion narrative is a complete hoax, and Robert Mueller is attempting to save face.

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